Deborah J. Centeno - Missing Since November 9, 2004

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Deborah J. Centeno - Missing Since November 9, 2004

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On November 8, 2004 Deborah was seen at the Benson Arizona Police Department trying to get assistance. Deborah had abandoned her car on the interstate just outside of Benson Arizona and walked to a rest area a short distance away and sat there for approximately five to six hours when a concerned citizen notified law enforcement. Officers attempted to give Deborah aid and a place to stay for the night but she refused. It is unknown where Deborah slept that night. Probably on the street. Deborah was sunburned and ill. It appeared she had not eaten in days. The next day Deborah went back to the Benson Police Department seeking information on how to get to Tucson and asked if she could get a ride from the officers. The officers were not able to do this. Officers advised her that she would have to hitch a ride with a nice trucker but it was not a good idea. She was told that she could not walk along the interstate because it was against the law and that she would have to walk the back roads. The terrain between Benson and Tucson is very treacherous. An Officer offered her a small bag of food before she left and she took that. Officers confirmed that Deborah seemed very scared, hungry and ill.

That was the last time anyone had contact with Deborah as far as we can tell. Deborah was very law abiding and if a police officer told her that it was against the law to do something she would have avoided doing it. It is feared that she walked the 60 miles or so across to Tucson.

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