Lola Katherine Fry - Missing Since November 14, 1993

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Lola Katherine Fry - Missing Since November 14, 1993

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Lola was last seen in Greenwood, Indiana and was en route to Fort Wayne but never arrived. She had left her car parked at an Eastside restaurant. The car also is missing. It is as a 1990 red and balck Mitsubishi Eclipse with personalized license plate that says "LOLA."

Lola was a dancer at Brad's Gold Club and PT's . She was trying to change her life at the time of her disappearance. She had quit as a dancer, was moving to Fort Wayne and was going back to school. She has four sisters. November 13, 1993 was her last night in Indianapolis. She was reported missing by her sister on November 18, 1993.

Police have a prime suspect and presume Lola is dead. However, no direct evidence exists.
The last official accounting of Lola was that she had been partying with friends at an Eastside Indianapolis apartment and either fell unconscious or overdosed on drugs.

Police have been told Lola was wrapped in a blanket, carried to a car and driven away by her former boyfriend. His account was that Lola was at his home and he left her there and went to work. When he returned an hour later he says Lola and her car were gone. State police records show he failed two polygraph tests.

Police questioned the former boyfriend, and he allowed officers to search his home and business. No charges were sought against him or the people who carried Lola to the man's vehicle.
State Police listed Lola's car on national computers, and if any law enforcement agency encounters the car, they are to notify Indiana investigators. The car's identification number has never surfaced on any salvage title or wreck.

Lola Fry disappeared within the day she was to give a final deposition in a class action lawsuit against an Indianapolis plastic surgeon. Court documents detail breast augmentation and charges of malpractice and fraud. Lola and other dancers sued the owner of Brad's Gold Club along with the surgeon and Dow Corning, maker of the silicone gel implants. When Lola disappeared, her colleagues dropped their lawsuits. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance. Her case was reopened
in 1999.

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