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Crime Prevention Tips

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:43 am
by Admin
Here is a list of things I think every member of every family should consider. With the way our society is today, you just never know what may happen. Always keep these things in your mind. Most of us do not think about these things until it is too late and/or it happens to us.

Never think that it can't happen to you. Never let your guard down.

Always know what is going on around. Do not be paranoid. Just be aware. Be observant of your surroundings,

Talk to and teach your children what to do if approached by strangers. Have a system in place. Talk to neighbors about "safe" houses.

If you see anything suspicious, call police. Do not stick your head in the sand by "not wanting to get involved". This is how and why things happen. Be a "nosey" neighbor. Who knows you may just save a life and/or a family from suffering.